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What is Resilience?

We believe resilience is about our bounce-back-ability.  We have a limited number of hours in the day, the days of the week and year are numbered and we have a finite amount of energy to give each day. 

When we share our time and energy with others and for the benefit of others, and we also put ourselves under pressure, we may find ourselves stretching our time and energy. 

Resilience is about how our bounce-back-ability and how well we recover when we’ve stretched ourselves.

Think of a rubber band that has been holding a roll of paper for a long time.  The rubber band stretches to contain the pressure and stops the papers from unrolling.  If you leave the rubber band around the papers for a long time and then take it off, it may have lost some of its stretch. 

We’re like that rubber band.  When our energy and time is stretched for short periods of time, like a rubber band we spring back into shape pretty easily.  When our resources are stretched for long periods of time, we may become like the rubber band that’s been left – a bit limp and less effective than usual. 

So how’s your bounce-back-ability?  If you’ve found yourself looking down rather than up, or you know someone who’s going through a tough time and needs some help, get in contact.

We can help with a simple chat through to in-house training and individual coaching support.  We’d love to help you generate strategies to get your stretchy, bouncy fun self back.

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